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Empower your organisation with Becker International Management sprl!

Becker International Management sprl is the expert in consultancy and management services for companies active in the industrial fields like automotive, home appliances, aeronautics, space and defence.

Expert Management: Important Facts

A fifteen years international expertise in Engineering, Production, Project Management and Asia-Sourcing combined with its multilingual skills and a sound background in Economics makes Becker International Management sprl your perfect consultancy partner.

Our strategic location in the heart of Europe, Belgium at the three border lines "Germany-Netherlands-Belgium", combined with our dense network and relationships in Asia enables us to empower your organisations on an international level.

Becker International Management is the expert in Asia's Low Cost Countries and especially China Sourcing consultancy in the field of Mechatronik components and products.

Becker International Management is the associate of the Emergenetics International the leading provider of assessments tools.
The Emergenetics assessment tools which are scientifically-based and are statistically accurate instruments supports Becker International Management in its consultancies, coaching or training tasks for its customers.

Activities & Expertises

  • Management of Companies
  • Leadership and Management Consultancy Services
  • Sales & Marketing Consulting Services incl. E-Marketing (Newsletter, Website, SEO, etc)
  • Asia Sourcing Consultancy (China, India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam)
  • Supply Chain consultancy and management
  • Tax Improvement Consulting
  • Information Technology Consultancy
  • HR Consulting Services and Coaching
  • Project Management

Together with its partner companies like Eloy & Becker sprl, Renderfarmer Studios, OverTec and Emergenetics, Becker International Management is able to provide you an integral solution to all your management problems.

Empower your organisation with Becker International Management sprl!

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